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This project developed out of a number of 2004 Praise Parties events that were  performed by Positive Vibes DJs. These events had strict Gospel Music as a playlist, yet requested secular Soul Line Dance songs to ensure that the party-goers had some fun. To create a different feel DJ Seko began creating versions of songs like The Electric Slide and The Cha-Cha Slide with Christian aspects mixed in the songs. This project began as the 'Churchy Edit' of Marcia Griffith's Caribbean classic 'The Electric Slide' with DJ 'A.T.' repeating "Electrified By Jesus" throughout the edit. Around September 2009 DJ Seko found the long lost accapella recording of A.T.'s vocal and began creating a song around the vocals. The resulting project features background vocals by Albertina Dancy, Tanya Shadley, DJ Aldred A.T. Foreman Jr., and lead vocals by Tracy Clark and DJ Seko Varner (Grandpa Crunk).

This project is dedicated to the memory of Gloria Brock-Stanton and Dr. Rev. Samuel Varner, both line dancing with our Lord in the ancestral realm. May their memory be a blessing.... Fresh water.