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Electrified By Jesus Video Contest

DJ Seko VArner, AKA Grandpa Crunk, is  running a fun contest with a cash prize.

ONE grand prize winner will take home:
- $250.00 in cash

TEN runners-up will win:
- (1) A CD of all of the versions of the song Electrified By Jesus by Grandpa Crunk


1) Watch the Electrified By Jesus demonstration video (below) on this page or on YouTube. Download the free and legally provided mix containing the sampler of the four released versions of the Electrified By Jesus song (provided below by clicking the downward facing arrow). Use the provided sampler soundtrack as the background music in your video unless you create a cover version of the song.

2) Create your own version of the “Electrified By Jesus” video. You could perform your own cover of the song, have your group perform the dance, do a solo performance, or even lip sync to it with an interactive background. Be as creative as you can with video! Use only the music provided by Grandpa Crunk unless you create a cover version of the song.

3) Upload your video entry onto with the title "Electrified By Jesus - (Your Name)". Send an email to providing the link to your uploaded video and your name, contact telephone number, and email address. The subject line in your email should read " EBJ video contest entry ".

4) A team of three judges, excluding Seko B. E. Varner, will choose the winners at the end of the contest — Friday, October 29th @ 8PM EST. Good luck and have fun!